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Troy makes a movie.

8-16-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortThis has been an incredibly slow week for movie-related news.  Today's only tidbit comes from Community's Donald Glover, who is distancing himself from the show and only appearing in five episodes in season 5.  I can't blame him, I had to tap out on the show for a bit after the dreadful Inspector Spacetime and German Invasion episodes.  Like any good addict I know I'll go back, but the damage has been inflicted for now.

Anyway, part of this distancing act is embracing his Childish Gambino rap persona and directing short films.  The first of these shorts is called Clapping for the Wrong Reasons.  I haven't watched it yet as I'm in the process of compiling an article commenting on the Youtube movie uploads we've been asked to review recently, but if you would like to beat me to the punch and add your thoughts below, have at it!

This weekend I'll be sharing my appreciation for a critic and catching Lee Daniels' The Butler.  Get out there and watch something!

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