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Always a good time for Errol Morris.

9-2-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortHappy Labor Day everyone!  Since most of the country is taking a break there's little news to discuss except for one upcoming film that I am very excited for.

Errol Morris is my favorite documentary filmmaker.  His unique style is part interrogation, part hypnosis, and part empathy piece.  As a result his movies tend to be about who can construct the most powerful truth for themselves as competing narratives threaten to overwhelm someone's life.  You could see this struggle inside Robert McNamara in his Oscar-winning Fog of War, for the life of Randall Dale Adams in The Thin Blue Line, and most prominently in Tabloid.

So I am positively giddy to report that the next Morris film, The Unknown Known, is going to be about Donald Rumsfeld.  I love politics partly because of the way language is spun so deftly in the best hands and this film looks to be packed with Rumsfeld attempting to spin as much as possible to his advantage.  Just look at the way he turns Morris' question back on him before providing an answer while he juts his thumb forward in his clenched fist like the strongest politicians do.  It looks like it will be amazing, and I'll be sure to jump on a review as soon as possible.

Tomorrow I'm reviewing the Chris Hemsworth / Dwayne Johnson feature Empire State.

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