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An ominous marketing strategy.

9-10-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortI have no interest in seeing Ender's Game.  Despite my love of science fiction developed through Arthur C. Clarke, I also have not read the novel, and the continued displays of bigotry from Orson Scott Card have not endeared me to backtrack and change that.  The trailer for the adaptation also looks like a generic space opera with a little more emphasis on the drama.  So you'd be justified wondering why I'm bringing this up at all.

Because I saw this poster for Ender's Game, and got a dark chuckle when I realized that any movie taking its marketing slogans from the Dungeons and Dragons school of promotion is already in for a bumpy time.  Game on.

Another bit of schadenfreude caught my eye today over at the A.V. Club where Sean O'Neal wrote a fun read about a blogger who detests cell phone use in theaters.  I do too, but not to the point where it's necessary to call 911, or engage in a lot of the physical responses that other wannabe reviewers seemed to find appropriate.  Speaking as someone who got punched by an idiot when I was working at a movie theater, some people just take their theater space a bit too seriously.  Movies can be holy experiences folks, the whole goal is to try and find a way to connect with them in shared experiences, not to see who can out to other in unnecessary whine-offs - especially when you're still in the screening.

Topping off the news today is a bit of inspiration as screenwriter Brian Koppelman (Ocean's Thirteen, The Girlfriend Experience) has been recording Vines about the craft.  They're only six seconds long and perfect for a quick blast of inspiration.

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing Love Is All You Need, starring Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dyrholm.

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