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An Oscar campaign worth fighting for. gold standard for Oscar campaigning was set by David Lynch when he sat outside with a cow to promote Laura Dern for Inland Empire.  He offered a helpful bit of advice like, "Cheese is made from milk."  It reminded me of the sort of thing an adorably eccentric millionaire would do in his spare time.

In that spirit, if not exactly as extreme, comes the Oscar campaign for James Franco's role in Spring Breakers.  He was stellar in the film and I can't think of that many other performances so far that have been nearly as memorable as his Alien.  So, in that vein, "CONSIDER THIS SH*T".  It's taken in part from his epic rant a bit past the halfway mark where the women in his company are invited to consider his various material goods.  This is well-timed considering the roast of Franco that just took place, but convenient timing aside it's one hell of a performance and I hope it inspires more inventive campaigning in the future.

Once you've done that, set aside twenty-five minutes to watch this interview with Steven Spielberg reflecting the work of Stanley Kubrick.  It was done shortly after Kubrick passed away in 1999.  Some of the reflections are very interesting, especially the parts about acting and The Shining, and his view on A Clockwork Orange.

Look out for a Sharknado review tomorrow.

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