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Atlas whiffed.

Guess that's it for AmericaAndrewCommentaryBannerShortThis is perfect news.

The Atlas Shrugged series of films, known mainly for their hilarious overacting and colon-packed titles, has gone to the internet asking for money to finish the trilogy.  For anyone even sort of familiar with Any Rand's terrible Objectivist philosophies this is the sort of news that brings joy to my life.  In a nutshell, Ayn Rand says that all government is bad, handouts are worse, and it's the rugged individualist with the ideas that makes the world continue to spin.

Since the film is now being funded through Kickstarter, either head producer John Aglialoro has embraced a great sense of irony since the thundering silence that greeted both parts of the saga or he's realized that a shared community of support, both financial and moral, is a great thing.  Maybe since the Kickstarter page was started by associate producer Scott DeSapio then Aglialoro is unaware that his baby is being tainted by the stench of generosity.  Either way, it's target funding goal of $250,000 is well short of the $20 million and $10 million budgets of the first two films, and considering the terrible special-effects on display in the second, this may be the ultimate bombshell just waiting for the right poke.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a review of the second installment of the V/H/S horror anthology.

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  1. Yes, the great existential irony of libertarianism in general (and Rand in particular) is, markets don’t like it much.

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