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Can't Stop the Movies

Elijah Woods – wide eyed hostage.

9-17-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortNot much to talk about today except for the trailers for Grand Piano and Nebraska.

The former looks like a cross between Suspiria and Shine.  While my Spanish isn't exactly up to par, it appears as though poor Elijah Woods is playing a concert pianist whose skill is required for some devious machinations.  The style is delightful, and while I didn't understand as much as I would like, the emotions and visuals are played on such a grand scale that it looks like a lot of fun.

The latter is the latest from Alexander Payne, who appears to be taking some chances with his style this time around.  He specializes in middle-class malaise and this is another in that vein featuring a dramatic turn for Will Forte.  It looks like Mr. Forte is game for the film, which is in beautiful black and white.  Payne's visuals haven't been a big selling point for his films so far but it looks like he's trying to change that with this latest.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my review of the eco-terrorist thriller The East.

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