For the week of 10/1/2013 on Can't Stop the Movies! - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 10/1/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies!

Appropriately scaredSorry for the accidental hiatus.  Andrew's health problems became drastic and he was unable to keep to the normal update routine.  This week should be back on target.

This week sees the release of the excellently received apocalyptic comedy This Is the End.  Do not confuse it with that other, terrible, apocalypse movie.  Look forward to reviews of The Croods, The Frozen Grounds, and Savannah to round out the week.

Andrei Tarkovsky returns this Friday with Andrew and Kyle's look at Stalker.

Alfonso Cuaron's long-awaited film after Children of Men premiers this weekend with Gravity along with smaller releases A.C.O.D., All Is Bright, and Runner, Runner.

We took a trip to our childhoods for yesterday's In Appreciation piece on The Disney Afternoon.  Check this spot next Sunday for more appreciation.

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