For the week on 9/17/2013 on Can't Stop the Movies! - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week on 9/17/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies!

If you're not tired of zombies, World War Z comes out on DVD this week.  Our own Ryan Rinchiuoso thought it was alright.  Look for reviews of Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, and the thrillers The East and Breakout later this week.

Kyle and Andrew return to Tarkovsky this Friday with his semi-autobiographical film The Mirror.

The smell of Oscars fills the air this weekend with releases including Ron Howard's Rush, the tense-looking Prisoners, historical drama Parkland, and Enough Said, which features James Gandolfini in his final role.

Yesterday's In Appreciation looked fondly on memories of working at a movie theater.  Tune in this Sunday for another edition.

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