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The Sexy connection.

9-23-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortIf you aren't familiar with Jonathan Glazer's 2000 film Sexy Beast, you should watch it soon to prepare yourself for the two films that share the common Sexy thread.

The picture above is for Dom Hemingway, the film that seems to be deadset in putting to rest the silly notion I once had that Jude Law is talentless.  I've underestimated his reservoir of skill many times but this looks to be a grand departure for the man.  It's taking the dark comedic undercurrent of Sexy Beast (sharing a producer, Jeremy Thomas) and turning it into a brash, fowl-mouthed, ridiculous crime tale of the kind of overt masculinity that the actual Hemingway admired even if some of the verbose characters would seem out of place.

As good as that looks, Under the Skin, the latest film directed by Glazer after his 2004 creeper Birth, terrified me with its trailer.  Glazer and star Scarlett Johansson seem to be working in tandem to utilize her sexual mystique used as the unattainable in her previous films to something more weapon-like.  The images, especially of the crude figure drowning in the sea of black, were especially frightening.

2013 has been a great year for film and these look to close out the year with one hell of a bang.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a review of the Jason Statham action film Redemption.

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