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Anthony Hopkins in…Rocky VI

11-11-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortWelcome back to the daily news grind!

In a find that made the return to these posts very fun, here's a brief series of bloopers uncovered from the Silence of the Lambs shoot.  My favorite moment is obvious, and makes me wonder how many instances of Anthony Hopkins having fun are going sadly unwatched.

On a more enlightening front, Wim Wenders shared some bits of wisdom for would-be filmmakers.  They range from the interesting ("Why would you sit in your trailer while your crew is working?"), to very specific ("If you shoot in a dark alley at night, don’t let your DP impose a bright blue contre-jour spotlight on you, even in the far distance. It always looks corny,"), and the generic ("There are no rules.")

And in news that I have to remain cautiously optimistic about, the full trailer for Mr. Peabody and Sherman was released a few weeks ago.  The first stills of the production looked promising, and there's enough dry wit and wonderfully bad puns around the edges of the trailer to keep me interested, but the orchestral pop soundtrack and clear attempt at having a simple message leave me a bit worried.  Still, with the awesome news that a new Rocky & Bullwinkle short will precede the film, I'll be first in line when it's released in 2014.

Tomorrow we'll have a review of Kristen Wiig's new comedy, Girl Most Likely.

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