For the week of 11/5/2013 at Can't Stop the Movies! - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 11/5/2013 at Can’t Stop the Movies!

Not hard to figure out what she wantsI hope you all enjoyed the Halloween special and had a great weekend!

This week, Brian De Palma's fun, if a bit tired, thriller Passion will be out as well as the less-successful drama Lovelace.  This week we'll have reviews of White House Down, Girl Most Likely, and Parkland.

Andrew and Kyle's look at the films of Andrei Tarkovsky concludes with the documentary Voyage in Time.

This weekend the Friedberg / Seltzer anti-comedy alliance continues its onslaught with The Starving Games, Rachel McAdams looks to score another romance win with About Time, and Thor returns with his first post-Avengers film The Dark World.

Finally, relax on Sunday with some rest and appreciation.

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