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Travel costs a la Candy

12-2-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortOther than the excuse to load up on pumpkin and fruit-of-the-moment pie,  I'm not big on Thanksgiving.  But it does give me the excuse to watch Planes, Tranes and Automobiles - the finest work of the careers of John Candy, Steve Martin, and John Hughes.  When that big ol' lug of Candy is warmly welcomed in from the cold at the end it is nearly impossible for me to keep a dry eye.  It's also as unlikely that I won't bust out laughing once every minute or two.

So, in a fine bit of trivia, you can see just how much their trip would cost at today's prices.  It's a fun little read because the only thing that's dated about the film are the use of payphones and the costs of some of the transportation.  While I imagine the rental car company might fight a bit more on the melted slab returned to them, it's interesting to see just how much the story is made possible because both Martin and Candy's characters are people of relative means.

Tomorrow I'll have a review of The Smurfs 2 up, a film that almost brings to life a prediction I made in my review of the first.

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