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Clenching the Nomination – Mad Max: Fury Road

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Ryan discusses the scene in George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road that he thinks secured the film's Best Picture nomination. You can check out all of our overall guesses on the major Oscar categories for 2016 here.

Clenching Fury RoadI felt like cheating with Mad Max: Fury Road and stating that the WHOLE movie as a single piece is the reason it was nominated.  I still believe that is the truth because it is amazing that the film, directed by a man in his 70’s, can move like this and still make total sense. It is a feat that should be celebrated that a 2-hour car chase movie also has character development, a clear plot and it is an adrenaline rush but it does and it is.

That would make me job too easy and this piece way too short.  I also wanted to say anytime the guitar player Doof Warrior showed up as a reason Fury Road was nominated for Best Picture, but that would have been if I was voting.  In the end, I think the scene that seals it for this movie is right after the 2nd act turn when the main characters are at their lowest point and decide to race back to the citadel.

Furiosa (Charlize Theron) at this point has promised the girls a wonderful sanctuary with green grass, water and everything else they can dream up.  When the convoy reaches the “hallowed ground” they realize that much like the rest of the world in this franchise, all that is left is sand and dirt. Everyone is depressed and ready to give up until they decide the promised land is where they came from and all they have to do is reach it before Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and his cronies can.  This leads to the scene in question when you see Joe and his posse watching Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa coming at them and it slowly dawns on him what they are doing, they get back in their cars/trucks/guitars playing fire and chase after them AGAIN.

By this point the audience (at least me) was grinning ear-to-ear because the creators of Fury Road are crazy enough to end the movie with a chase going BACK from where they originally escaped.  Not only that, the sound design and camera movements of this scene are beautiful. The camera swoops right into the front of the truck that is driving quickly towards the horizon.  The truck passes by the camera and then we see a glorious wide shot that shows flares of every color being shot in the air as the passengers in the truck pray and wish for a safe trip.  This sets up Fury Road for the climax which is as incredible as this movies first half would make you believe.  The finale has people on poles, exploding cars, gun shots, stunts and more and it is set up by this scene before.

During Fury Road I kept thinking the whole movie is a finale so how are they going to top what they have already done and this scene that bridges the two chases together shows you that they are.  This scene isn’t quiet by any means but it is the eye of the storm where director George Miller lets the audience catch its breath before starting up again.  In a movie that is 2 hours of loud action, the scene for me that sold the film was one of the times when the film pauses for literally a moment.  Fury Road is a force of nature and is deserving of all the nominations it received but a movie that amps it up like this one needs it ebbs and flows and the scene where the audience (and the villains) realize how crazy the characters truly are is the pause that this film really needed and is the reason why it was nominated for Best Picture.

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