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Changing Reels Episode 1 – Better Luck Tomorrow

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Hello all!  I know things have been quiet recently, but the great results myself and Courtney had with our Denis Villeneuve series has led to a new podcast.  We've partnered with Modern Superior for our new bi-weekly show Changing Reels.

With Changing Reels, we hope to create a new cinematic canon focusing on diversity in front of and behind the camera.  Along with a feature-film, we'll be selecting two short films to discuss at the beginning of each episode.  Our first episode focuses on Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow, Patrick Ng's Real Talk, and Michi Que Doan's Evidence.

Show Notes:

  • 0:55 – Real Talk by Patrick Ng
  • 8:09 – Evidence by Michi Que Doan
  • 17:28 – Better Luck Tomorrow by Justin Lin.

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