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Can't Stop the Movies

Changing Reels Episode 19 – Paris Is Burning

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As the 2017 Inside Out Film Festival draws nearer, we continue our celebration of LGBT cinema with Jennie Livingston’s Paris is Burning.  Currently streaming on Netflix, Livingston’s critically acclaimed 1990 documentary focuses on the end of the “Golden Age” of New York City’s drag balls.  Touching on themes of racism, poverty, body image and family, Livingston constructs a vibrant film that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.  We also take a moment to discuss our short film picks:  Paul Frankl’s Roxanne and Hope Dickson Leach’s Silly Girl.

Show notes:

  • 5:38 Roxanne by Paul Frankl
  • 11:25 Silly Girl by Hope Dickson Leach
  • 18:45 Paris Is Burning by Jennie Livingston

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