For the week of 5/17/2017 on Can't Stop the Movies - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 5/17/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

Going back to a grab-bag of different films for the week of 5/17/2017.  First up, Richard Linklater's follow-up to Boyhood and spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused in Everybody Wants Some.  Following that will be the first-person perspective action experiment Hardcore Henry.  Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey join each other for one of the weirder historical pairings in Elvis & Nixon.  Finally, we'll take a trip around the dysfunctional neighborhood of Neighbors 2.

Remember, no one can stop the movies.

You're reading it here folks - as a way to keep pushing myself and stop dilly-dallying on solo pieces.  The first proper Can't Stop the Movies video game review as part of Pixels in Praxis will be posted on Sunday.  I don't want to tip my hand too early, but the first game up on the slate is my probable 2017 game of the year - NieR: Automata.

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