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The Best and Worst of 2017 (+ 2016): Aftershock

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Hard to know where to start after a year as burdened with pain and loss as 2017.  So, let's hop to the beginning.  I was locked in a corporate position leeching off my empathy and hard-work, slowly losing my will to get up in the morning, and having full breakdowns with no immediate cure.

Therapy, slowly altered medications, and giving a long angry, "Ciao," to the insurance industry have left me in a sturdier if still uncertain position looking toward the future.  It's sometimes hard to feel like there is much of a future with some of the best films of 2017 embracing a frozen portrait instead of gradual evolution.  Some films, like It, brought me so close to the trauma I worked hard to make peace with that they seemed impossible to finish.  But here I am in 2018, healthier than I've been in almost five years, with a light wallet and full heart.

I rebooted Can't Stop the Movies in March and it's been a rewarding, if tumultuous, journey to get back to where the site was at its prime.  I'm still nowhere close to the audience we had but, consarnit, I'm going to get there.  Since I missed almost an entire year of film review this list contains every 2016 and 2017 film I've written or podcasted about since rebooting back in March.

Here's to 2017, a year of great and painful change, and thank you all for your support as I regain my place in this world of criticism.

The Best



Special Award to Power Rangers for, "Seriously, This Is The Maddeningly Inconsistent But Still Good Superpower Team-Up Film You Want To Watch"

Zone of Indifference

Arched Eyebrow to X-Men: Apocalypse for, "How Is This So Dull Even Oscar Isaac Looks Bored?"



Dubious Demerit to The Legend of Tarzan for, "Embracing Imperialism, White Man's Burden, And Good Ol' Fashioned Racism As Entertainment"

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