The Boy Who Stole The Sun: DevLog #8 - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

The Boy Who Stole The Sun: DevLog #8

Update Time! Some key features have finally been implemented and settled. It almost feels like the main features are stable. In gamedev, stability is often a fleeting feeling. Anyway, in this video update, I show off graphical and gameplay interactions with snow and water. Flurries have different responses to environmental zones than the player has.

The player has three death states now, being frozen, knocked out (regular death from health loss), and the total-ice-cube-frozen which happens instantly when the player touches the ocean. Since we've got all these working now, there's also a debug key to revive the player.

Special thanks goes to Vincent for his diligent debugging and keeping the list of broken stuff to a minimum. Thanks Vincent!

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