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We've got a lot of work to do before Can't Stop the Movies is back to 100%, as the posts still exist but the links no longer work.  So please be patient and look forward to new content once we're rebuilt.

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Changing Reels Episode 2 – The Caveman’s Valentine

Episode 2 - The Caveman's Valentine - 1400In episode two of Changing Reels we turn our focus to Kasi Lemmons’ 2001 thriller The Caveman’s Valentine. The film follows a homeless man, Romulus (Samuel L. Jackson), who was once a promising composer but now lives in a cave in New York City. When the frozen body of a young man appears in a tree near his dwelling, the paranoid schizophrenic Romulus ignores the police’s assessment, of it being an accidental death, and embarks on a quest to find the killer.

We also discuss our short films picks of the week: Ryan Coogler’s Locks and Sara Kenney’s Angels and Ghosts.

Lastly, you can now subscribe to our show on iTunes!

Show Notes:

  • 0:58 – Locks by Ryan Coogler
  • 7:59 – Angels and Ghosts by Sara Kenney
  • 14:08 – The Caveman’s Valentine by Kasi Lemmons

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Changing Reels Episode 1 – Better Luck Tomorrow

Episode 1 - Better Luck Tomorrow - 1400

Hello all!  I know things have been quiet recently, but the great results myself and Courtney had with our Denis Villeneuve series has led to a new podcast.  We've partnered with Modern Superior for our new bi-weekly show Changing Reels.

With Changing Reels, we hope to create a new cinematic canon focusing on diversity in front of and behind the camera.  Along with a feature-film, we'll be selecting two short films to discuss at the beginning of each episode.  Our first episode focuses on Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow, Patrick Ng's Real Talk, and Michi Que Doan's Evidence.

Show Notes:

  • 0:55 – Real Talk by Patrick Ng
  • 8:09 – Evidence by Michi Que Doan
  • 17:28 – Better Luck Tomorrow by Justin Lin.


Denis Villeneuve Podcast: Sicario (2015)


Courtney Small of Cinema Axis joins Andrew in this final (for now) discussion about the movies of Denis Villeneuve with 2015's tremendous examination of sexism, race, and hegemonic white American power in Sicario.

Both the introduction and outro on the podcast come from composer Jóhann Jóhannsson for Sicario ("The Beast") and Prisoners ("Through Falling Snow").


Denis Villeneuve Podcast: Enemy (2014)


Courtney Small of Cinema Axis joins Andrew for a conversation about the surreal, and spider-laden, examination of sex, education, and power in Denis Villeneuve's Enemy (previously reviewed by both Andrew and Courtney.)

Both the introduction and outro on the podcast come from composer Jóhann Jóhannsson for Sicario ("The Beast") and Prisoners ("Through Falling Snow").