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AndrewCommentaryBannerShortOn a cold night 35 years ago my mother and aunt went out to the theaters to watch John Carpenter's Halloween.  That night, they were so terrified leaving the theater that they had to keep the lights in the car turned on for the ride home, and then kept that same electricity burning the whole night while they stared at the door in terror.

When my mom told me about her reaction to Halloween years later, I laughed.  How in the world could she be scared of something so silly as a man in a white mask?  Then, two years after she told me about her long night, I watched Halloween with some friends and discovered that the cycle of fear, just like violence in the Myers family, is passed on to each generation.

This year, in honor of its 35th anniversary, I decided to go back to the beginning and watch every film in the Halloween series.  This meant revisiting the shakes I can never control watching the original film, giving a second glance to the remake I hated, and finally watching some maligned oddities of the series that I didn't have the time to.

After two very long days, and a pair of restless nights, I completed this retrospective of the series.  It was more insightful, and fun, then I ever expected from a genre I unfairly dismissed years ago.  For those who still doubt, or anyone who's shared in the chills, click ahead and find out  how much insomnia these films cause.

Just let me put my game face on and let's get started.

Andrew Myers

The Primer

One Long Night in IllinoisOne Long Night In Illinois

The Ugly DucklingBanner III

Mysticism and MadnessSix

Michael Myers Gets a Hair StylistStylists

Sympathy for the DevilSympathy

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