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For the week of 8/21/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

First off, I'm sorry for the lack of updates the last week or so.  A needed roadtrip to take care of grandmother estate stuff was quickly followed by my older orange cat Graham getting sick, so things have been wonky.  To compensate, I'm pushing myself through the once-a-week Patreon barrier, and I've got a special episode planned about the video game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice that'll serve as a pilot for another potential project.

As far as movies go - I'll start with Kong: Skull Island, directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts of the great The Kings of Summer.  Next is a horror film I've heard a lot of praise for but know little about, the cannibalistic Raw.  Likewise, the buzz around Kristen Stewart's performance in Personal Shopper rivals that of her career-best work in Olivier Assayas' Clouds of Sils Maria. I'll top it all off from another franchise standout as Emma Watson portrays Belle in Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast.

Remember, no one can stop the movies.

As Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is slated for release in October later this year, I finally broke down and played through 2014's Shadow of Mordor.  It sparked a few thoughts on what we've come to expect from heroes, the usefulness of an open-world setting with mission borders, and how many growly hostile white male protagonists we need.


For the week on 8/8/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

First off - the Rings review was put off due to cat maintenance issues and will be up tomorrow morning for a double-review day.

Moving on to the rest of the week, I'll be looking at a pack of potentially intriguing movies with varying degrees of box office success this year.  I'm starting with the second chapter of the John Wick saga, moving on with the doom-laden YA drama Before I Fall, then the controversially cast Matt Damon in The Great Wall (will have a lot to say about this), and ending with the promisingly bizarre A Cure for Wellness.

This Sunday I'll talk about the clashing art styles providing an uneven backdrop to the inventive dialogue trees and grief-laden story in Oxenfree.


For the week of 8/1/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

This week I'll be going off trail to watch Detour, a little-seen thriller featuring one of my favorite young performers Tye Sheridan.  The reliable Zachary Quinto and dodgy James Franco pair up for the story of a man who renounces his homosexuality in I Am Michael.  Reboots and sequels round out the week with Rings and Fifty Shades Darker.

Remember, no one can stop the movies.

I try not to tip my hand too early in these, "For the week of," pieces - but the looming shadow of Yooka-Laylee has grown too ominous to ignore.  It's a terrible game and my perspective about why will be up on Sunday.

Patreon contributors can also look forward to part three of my look at 13 Reasons Why on the episode, "Tape 1, Side B."  Check out the link below if you're interested in supporting Can't Stop the Movies or want access to the Patreon-exclusive Can't Stop the Podcast.


For the week of 7/18/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

Readers, thank you for your patience while I tended to my family because of my grandma's death a couple of weeks ago.  I feel revitalized about my life's work and am ready to abandon 2016 to barrel on through 2017.  Starting off with a pair of potentially entertaining action films, I'll be looking at the latest Underworld movie Blood Wars, and touching base with a favorite cheesy franchise of mine with xXx: Return of Xander Cage.  I'm also dipping into the lesser known well of dramas with Between Us and Trespass Against Us.

Thank you for your support and, remember, no one can stop the movies.

I'll also be reviewing the latest in Link's adventures for the Nintendo Switch in Breath of the Wild with a few thoughts on how silence is an underrated storytelling technique when the landscapes provide rich detail.

Can't Stop the Podcast continues on with my review of the first episode of the Tom McCarthy-helmed adaptation of 13 Reasons Why.  The first episode, where I reviewed the book (click here or the above image for the podcast), is available for free on Patreon and my look at the first Netflix chapter of 13 Reasons Why will also be for free.  After that, only Patreon contributors will be able to access the rest of the series.


For the week of 6/27/2017 on Can’t Stop the Movies

Can't Stop the Podcast returns as a Patreon exclusive this week and will focus on an episode-to-episode breakdown of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.  The first podcast will be available for free but further installments will be available only to Patreon supporters.  I've got another series lined up about the history of fighting games, so Can't Stop the Podcast won't be limited and the best way to hear about your favorite art is to subscribe!

As the review fodder for 2016 dwindles to a shallow supply I'm mixing up genres this week.  I'm a huge fan of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, and am curious what he grows into with 31.  My love of Zombie's work pales in comparison to my adoration of Dwayne Johnson, so we'll see if Central Intelligence makes good use of his limitless charisma.  Rounding out this week's assortment of reviews includes the Ang Lee drama Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Asghar Farhadi's Oscar-winning The Salesman.

Remember, no one can stop the movies.

I'm a long-time admirer of the Final Fantasy series even though it's grown bloated with Square-Enix's initially ambitious plans for the FFXIII universe.  FFXV finally released late 2016 to warm critical reception and a relieved fanbase that stuck with FFXV through each delay.  I'll work through my complicated feelings on FFXV with a review on Sunday.