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Danny’s Best Films of 2011

Well, it's the time of the year for film critics to belly up to the table, put on their soothing voices, and once more murmur unto the abyss, "Boy, golly, 2011 sure had a lot of good movies come out!"

And I'm here to tell you that, like usual, film critics are full of shit. There were a couple of great ones, a few good ones, and a whole load of mediocre crap that we, as a culture, should probably agree to ignore for the sake of our own mental health. Unless you sat down and spent hours figuring out where to go to see Abbas Kiarostami's Certified Copy, were willing to challenge your own perceptions with Tree of Life, or if you were one of the dozen who saw Margaret and one of the hundred to call it an undiscovered gem, the only way you saw any movies in 2011 worth remembering is if you spent all of your time trying to find them.

Which, to me, is pretty damn depressing.

Instead of doing a "Top Whatever" list, I just picked out all of the movies I saw that were released theatrically in 2011 and categorized them by how I felt.

Anal retentitive list making? Me? Never.

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90’s-vember: The Rock (1996)

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"Losers always whine about their best.  Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

Danny, while praising the great Rumble In The Bronx, decided to take a quick jab at the rest of our picks in a bit of a preemptive assault and deem our selections "cold and calculated".  I'd just like to gently caress my middle finger up the center of my screen while thinking about this line and ponder Jackie Chan at his best versus the attitude and strangely progressive displays of manliness on hand in The Rock.  I'll take the promise of a lifetime of misery after one night of debauched excess in the face of a bit of his martial arts prowess.

A bit harsh, perhaps, but this is Michael Bay we're discussing.  The very same Michael Bay who manages to turn explosions into profits and once called The Island his art film.  It speaks well to a man's frame of mind when an extended hoverbike chase translates into a self-conscious attempt at making an "art film", but such is the nature of the beast.  There was a time when Michael Bay might have made something which confronted the nature of the very films he was promoting, but the time has long since passed and we're left with countless Transformers films.


Danny’s Picks: Best Movies I Saw in ’10

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site

Danny COMMENTARYHey everyone. I'm kind of late to the 2010 farewell gala, and, frankly, I have my reasons, as silly as they may be. Andrew and Ryan do much more with modern films than I do, and even though I spent the last two weeks hunting down Oscar bait like crazy, very few of the films I saw in '10 left me with much impression.

Since current films aren't really my bag, I thought I'd get more mileage by sharing with you the top 25  films I saw for the first time in 2010. A few are from the year itself, a number are leftovers from 2009 that I'd missed, and some were just a handful of gems that I hadn't seen before. These are in alphabetical order, but all movies that I wholeheartedly recommend:


Ryan’s Picks: The Best Films in 2010


Andrew’s Picks: The Best Films of 2010

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Of the three of us here at Can't Stop The Movies, I'm definitely the most "contemporary" critic.  Sure, I've analyzed the films of Bela Tarr and Krzysztof Kieslowski, but I've also perused the 2010 works of John Travolta and Denzel Washington.  Every week I review a few new films that have hit the DVD stands and because of this I've gotten to see some of the treasures of an otherwise depressing year for movies.

For the record I do keep a numerical rating on these films via the website Criticker (a very handy tool for organizing quick thoughts on every movie you've seen).  But for the purposes of this evaluation, I'm just going to write about the best films of 2o10 via a system of arbitrary awards made up entirely on the spot.  Because the spirit of creativity is within criticism just as it is the movies I choose to analyze and it would thoroughly sterilize that spirit if I were to arrange these films into some kind of numerically based list encompassing 10 or so films.