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A Couple on Carpenter #1: Big Trouble in Little China

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We've got a new feature this week on Can't Stop the Movies! I was so taken by Amanda and Andrew's “A Couple on Kubrick” series that I thought, “Why let them have all the fun?” So for the next few weeks (read: until we get sick of it) my wife, Michelle, will be joining me for an entirely original segment we like to call:

“A Couple on Carpenter”

We're kicking things off this week with a look at John Carpenter's 1986 action-comedy: Big Trouble in Little China. The film stars Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a loud-mouthed trucker who is conscripted by his gambling buddy and sometimes friend, Wang, (Dennis Dun) in saving Wang's future wife, and all of Chinatown, from the evil, undead sorcerer Lo Pan (James Hong) and his posse of kung-fu gangsters and elemental gods. The film co-stars Kim Cattrall as a nosy journalist and Victor Wong as the mysterious Egg Shen; bus driver by day, wizard by night.

*Note: I'll be abbreviating Big Trouble in Little China as “Big Trouble” throughout this review. I'm not confusing it with the 2002 Dave Barry/Tim Allen film, I'm just lazy.

Jacob: I've seen this film several times, but this was your first time, correct honeygrahms?

Michelle: I had seen bits and pieces of it as a kid when it was shown as Fox's Saturday-night movie, but never the whole thing. Also, don't call me any cute names. We are beyond cute names.