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Can't Stop the Movies

Kathryn Bigelow Podcast


BigelowcastKathryn Bigelow's career has spanned three decades of American film-making.  In that time she's proved a deft chameleon of style, co-opting the dominant styles of a time in a way that goes beyond mimicry, and has something to say about the visual mechanisms of the day.  Andrew and Kyle have a fragmented conversation as they try to pinpoint the exact nature of Bigelow's strength, touching on the way she allows unsettling images of recent American trauma to filter into her films, and through her efforts to put to symbolize ideals we still struggle with.  We hope you enjoy this podcast, and look into her past as we prepare for her films in the future.

Click below to revisit the films:


Can’t Stop the Podcast: 30 for 30 – Once Brothers

Once BrothersOnce is bad luck.  Twice and a pattern starts to form.  Apologies for the audio on this one, Andrew and Jeff recorded the podcast with best intentions but began to break down at the halfway mark, but for those of you able to trek through this was a very fun podcast.

01:28 - We start off on a podcast first with some music chat regarding Stone Temple Pilots and Chester Bennington.
08:04 - Jeff points out the existence of the trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's first film, Jon Don, and we don't quite know what to make of it.
13:06 -Andrew receives news that is strangely comforting for the third film in the Human Centipede series.
21:00 - 30 of 30 - Once Brothers

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Can’t Stop the Podcast: Storms and special guests

A series of storms across the Midwest wreaked temporary havoc on our recording capabilities this week and cut short the normal plans.  Wrath of the angry personification of nature aside - we welcome the commentary of Chad Michaels of The Chad Michaels Project for this fun, if technologically troubled, podcast.

2:20 - Meet Chad Michaels and his current cinematic Heaven and Hell.
8:00 - The Brave princess redesign, overreaction or justified outrage of presentation?
15:20 - How I Met Your Mother's potential final season greatness, deflated by Ryan.
21:55 - The casting of The Human Torch shouldn't matter as muh as it does.
30:03 - Are we talking about Christopher Nolan directing James Bond or performing bad tone poetry?  You decide!

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Oliver Stone: Of nerve and energy – the first half

Kyle and Andrew foreverKyle and Andrew take a break from Oliver Stone's films to comment on his career to date.  Andrew makes an uncommon confession, and Kyle really hates Natural Born Killers.  Many more insights await in this special podcast.


Can’t Stop the Podcast: 30 for 30 – Four Days in October

Four Days in OctoberAndrew and Jeff are the hosts this week for a small farewell to Futurama and a mutually disappointed look at a sports miracle.

0:45 - Futurama ends, and it's ok to not wish for more.
16:00 - Four Days in October