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Denis Villeneuve Podcast: Prisoners (2013)



Courtney Small of Cinema Axis joins Andrew for a conversation on the moral complexity and gorgeous photography of Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners.

Both the introduction and outro on the podcast come from composer Jóhann Jóhannsson for Sicario ("The Beast") and Prisoners ("Through Falling Snow").


Daddy / Daughter Discussion #1

Daddy Daughter #1

Daddy Daughter #1Ryan Rinchiuso and special guest Lily Rinchiuso have a discussion on movies and how women are presented.

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Let’s Talk About Kevin: Part One

Smith ManWith the anniversary of Mallrats just a month away, Ryan enlists the aid of his friend Steve Sanders to talk about the career of Kevin Smith.

Smith rose from the ranks of independent film-maker with Clerks in 1994 and hit it big after Harvey Weinstein acquired Clerks for distribution because he couldn't stop laughing at the infamous "Wow, in a row?"  Since Clerks Smith has tried a bit of everything from his foray into animation with the network-mishandled Clerks: The Animated Series, acclaimed dramadies such as Chasing Amy, and written a comic book or two with successful runs on Daredevil and Green Arrow.

Join Ryan and Steve on this multi-part series with the humble beginnings before Smith became internet ubernerd extraordinaire.

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Spike Lee Podcast: 1997 – 2004

Raise it up

Raise it upContinuing from the previous podcast, Kyle and Andrew pick up with 4 Little Girls in 1997 through to Sucker Free City in 2004.

The films:

Music comes from the Public Enemy's title track for He Got Game.Spike Film Selection


Spike Lee Podcast: 1986 – 1996

Raise it up

Raise it upKyle and Andrew stopped before Spike Lee's first documentary, 4 Little Girls, to discuss Lee's films from 1986 to 1996.

The films:

We also discuss the great bell hooks (punctuated correctly) who you can sample from her recent contribution to a discussion of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" here.

Music comes from the first part of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme."

Spike Film Selection