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Can't Stop the Movies

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Dear Lily,

I hope when you are older you will get to read this letter.  Right now you are just getting the movie bug and find it fun going to see movies with daddy. You are not old enough to really know how much that means to me.  You see, daddy is a movie geek.  Before you were around daddy lived, breathed and loved films.  Mommy and daddy averaged watching one film in the theater per week and many more at home.   Once you were born I did not have the time to see nearly as many films because spending time with you was my new favorite thing to do.


Avatar (2009)

Avatar came out in the winter of 2009 and destroyed everything at the box-office.  Even though the films released during that same holiday season including Sherlock Holmes and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 did really good business they paled in comparison to what Avatar was doing.  When the dust settled late spring of 2010, James Cameron’s 3-D epic was the highest grossing film ever by a pretty wide margin and made more money then anyone could have imagined.  The fact the film made that much money not because it was the greatest thing ever made but because James Cameron figured out how to turn the movie going experience into an attraction.


The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight came out in a very busy 2008 and easily became the biggest film of the year.  Even though competition was strong from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and surprising blockbuster Iron Man, Batman was able to once again smash records much like in 1989.  Biggest day, biggest weekend, fastest to $200 million etc… The Dark Knight was making money at a faster rate than any movie before it and by the end of the year the film was the 2nd biggest film in history (not including inflation).  Why was it so big?  Was it really because of the untimely and unfortunate death of co-star Heath Ledger?  While there might be some morbid people out there that went to see this film for that reason alone I don’t believe that made that much difference in the final grosses. Here are my five reasons why the movie was such a success.


Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Liking something sometimes makes it hard to see the passionate views on either side of the argument.  Not loving it makes it difficult to see the passion and love people have for a book, movie, band etc and not hating it makes it equally as difficult to be able to see the hatred and contempt other people show.  I like the Pirates of the Caribbean films but don’t love them.  I find them enjoyable starring a charismatic as hell Johnny Depp.  The films for me are fun but ultimately interchangeable so I am confused by the love of the first and the dismissal of the follow-ups.


Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

I am a film geek and I am proud of it.  One of the jobs a film geek has is making sure his offspring are also film geeks.  When my daughter was very young I started showing her Star Wars films. After awhile, she stared getting into it a bit so I, of course, went out and bought her a light saber to seal her love for the world.  A light saber, droids and princesses would only go so far, and she was still a bit young for the films, so we started watching the Clone Wars together.  After watching the horrible animated movie, I thought it would be a chore to get through the series but then something funny happened; the show got a lot better.  The stories became epic, the characters fleshed out, and the world became real.  As I was getting into the series more and more, I realized something else.  The TV show was the first time I actually ever gave a damn about Anakin Skywalker, and that interest was something severely lacking in the prequels.