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Can't Stop the Movies

Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson got his degree in English, got married and then promptly left the country for five years. When he returned, he found the film world a much different place than when he left. Well, actually it was pretty much the same, except now there were legal ways to stream films on your computer and no one seemed to remember what a VHS was anymore. Like so many men of his generation, he turned to the internet as an outlet for his frustrations. We haven't seen much of him since then, but those sandwiches we've been sliding under his door keep getting eaten so either he's still kickin' or something has assumed his identity and is carrying on his work. Jacob isn't so much bitter as it is an indisputably fact that things simply were better back in his day.

Jacob was the co-host of the Can't Stop web-show and podcast as well as a contributing writer during his tenure from 2011 to 2013.  He maintains a Heather Locklear-esque special guest star status and returns to contribute additional reviews as time, and glamor, permit. You can follow him on Twitter here.