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So what is this?

Can't Stop the Movies is a film review and discussion website started in 2010 by Andrew Hathaway and Danny Reid.  The name of the website comes from the 1980 film Can't Stop the Music, a biopic about The Village People.  The roster grew over the years but has now shrunk back to Andrew handling the brunt of site writing with regular contributions from Kyle Miner, while Ryan Rinchiuso, and Jacob Anderson still contributing occasionally.  Danny currently writes for his website Pre-code, which looks at the early days of Hollywood prior to the implementation of the Hays Code.

Reviews, huh, so you watch all that arty stuff?

Yes, but our reviews are fairly straightforward if you want to know what we did or did not like.  At the top of every review is a color coded banner or, in the case of our older reviews, icon that let's you know what we felt about the movie.  It's simple, green is for films we Like, yellow is for films we're Indifferent about, and Red is for films we Dislike.

Our tastes are pretty wide-ranged and we try to go into every movie with an open mind.  That's how we end up with positive reviews for highbrow films like The Turin Horse and The Tree of Life, while still finding room to enjoy direct-to-DVD action films and other movies that may seem abysmal on quick glance.  We look at every film on its merits and give a breakdown on why we feel how we do.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the site!