Iconic Celebrities From The Golden Age That Still Alive – For Them Age Really Is Just A Number

Cara Williams – 1925

Cara Williams had a satisfying career as an actress in the 1950s. She will probably always be known for her role of Gladys in the TV series Pete And Gladys. Though she got huge success as an actress, her personal life was marred with personal issues. Despite being heart broken in her two previous marriages, Williams found her soulmate in Asher Dann. The two got hitched in the year 1964 and stayed together till he left for his heavenly abode in the year 2018.

Even after retirement, Williams refused to sit idly and launched her interior designing business. Says a lot about her tenacity and makes us wonder if she is having any anti-aging capsules or supplements! Williams announced her retirement in the year 1978 and put an end to a long and successful career. We just hope that she has chosen the perfect insurance policy for herself.

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